Polycarbonate Plates produced by using the latest technology are unique products especially thanks to their durability, lightness and longevity. They are extensively preferred in sectors such as advertisertenL building and stationery products. This product, whose application is becoming more and more widespread due to its light transmittance quality, has become a rival to banner and glass. Its light transmittance is about %80 and it is 250 times more durable. Light and solid Polycarbonate plates can be used fror» -40?C to +120 ?C so they are unrivaled products for greenhouses or places where theie is risk of hail thanks to their thermo insulation quality. In PC products, raw material is provided from world famous producers whose quaBty has been proven. On the surface, UV protective layer is applied by co-extrusion technique. Plates are produced in 2.100 width and up 14.000 mm length between 4-16 mm thickness.


It is an ideal product for application areas that require flexibility. It is more economical compared to other products in its class. It can easily be cleaned thanks to its smooth surface. It is preferred in applications where this quality is necessary. It is available from 0,6 mm to 5 mm thickness, 100x200/135x200/ 100x300/ 100x400 cm sizes.
Highly durable.
Smooth surface.
It doesn't contain the heat in itself.
Resistance against bacteria growth.
Extraordinary electrical insulation.
It holds low percentage of moisture.
Application areas
Sign Market: plate background, pavement board and visual printing areas. Greenhouse; greenhouse walls and ceilings, hobby gardens, construction sector; ceiling lightening, roof coating, pool coating, sound barriers, public places such asbus stops, pedestrian bridges. Roof lightings factory windows and other lightening purposes. Side coating, walking trails, entrance eaves, verandah and terrace roofs, foldable and fixed pool covers, passages between buildings, sports halls, bus stops and parks.
Available Shapes
Thickness : 4 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm 10 mm, 16 mm
Colors : Transparent, white, bronze, blue, turquoise, green, grey.

PLATE - visuals

Product Rate Text Netodu
Destiny (gr/cm3) 1,2 ISO 1183
Water Absorption (%) 0,35 ISO 62
Light Transmittance (%) 80 DIN 5036-1
Stretching Durability (Mpa) 2300 ISO 527
Usage Temperatures (C°) -40/+120
Lineer Termal Expansion Coefficent (mm/mC) 0,065 DIN 53752
Fire Resistancy Rating B1
Hail Resistancy Unbreakable
Vicat Softening Temperatures(C°) 145