Aluminum composite panels made up of two polythene layers placed between two aluminum plates are being used today in a wide range of areas from side plating, advertising to promotion and decorative applications and are being more and more widespread day by day. Produced with the latest technology, aluminum composite panels are construction elements that are used in modem architecture widely and are most often preferred. The fact that aluminum composite panels can be applied to indoor and outdoor surfaces of the buildings has made composite panels popular products.

Usually polyester (PS) painted panels are preferred for applications in sign sector. Painted materials called PDVF are mainly used in construction and building sector. Applications such as cutting, twisting, bending, circulation can be easily done by using aluminum application machines. Unlike standard construction and advertisement equipment aiuminum composite panels help the installment to be faster, extend life span of products, improve efficiency and feature quality.

Aluminum thickness options;
For polyester 0,15 mm, 0,18 mm, 0,25 mm. 030 mm
For PVDF 0, 40 mm


Guarantee is 15 years Alfabond, is 20 years Naturalbond, is 7 years Singbond.

Alpha standart colors
(m.silver, liz bronz, cream, white, black, red, blue, maroon, orange, dark grey, golden yellow)
Natural standart colors
(NB 90 m.silver, NB 901 white, NB 912 cream, NB80 m.brown, NB50 azure blue)
NB702 m.dark grey, nb101 ivory beige, NB951 black, NB701 p.grey, NB381 light brown
NB301 maroon, NB102 yellow, NB011 golden yellow, NB503 ultramarine blue
NB302 red, NB201 orange, NB587 copper, NB603 moss green
Natural wooden pattern colors
NB856 thin golden oak, NB857 thick golden oak, NB858 thick mahogani, NB859 thin walnut, NB869 light oak)
Natural prestidge colors
(NB857 brush bronze, NB868 brush matt, NB860 silver light, NB861 black met.)
(NB862 EFF42, NB863 EFF5, NB864 EFF47, NB866 EFF40)
Sign bold all colors
(white, silver, black, red, cream, blue)


Thickness (mm) Product Properties Quantity in palette Colors PDF
125 X 320 125 X 600 150 X 600
4 Alpha Composite Panel Polyester Standart Colors
4 Alpha Composite Panel Polyester 5 Colors
4 Naturalbond Composite PVDF Standart Colors
4 Naturalbond Composite PVDF Wooden Patterns
4 Naturalbond Composite PVDF Prestidge Colors