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Coated, stretched or mirrored sheet types are available. It is a polymethylmethacrylate based thermoplastic material It is producec by using coating method in thickness from 2mm up to 40 mm, in different sizes and as colorless, transparent and colorful. It can be opaque and semi-opaque. It has a light plastic structure that can be cut. penetrated and processed easily. It has high light transmission quality Icompared to class 92). Compared to ordinary glass, it is 6 times more durable and lighter. The broken pieces aren't sharp edged so they don't cause any injury. It transmits the heat 20 times less in comparison to glass. It can be easily processed; it can be put into many shapes when it is heated around 150C It can be formed with pressure and vacuum. It can be screwed and shaped by heat, and coated with photograph. It has durability against weather conditions and chemicals. It keeps its form once it is shaped. The surface is in copper hardness, it can be drawn by brush and emery. It has a shiny look in all transparent and colorful forms. Its durability against atmosphere conditions is higher than all other plastics. That's why it can be applied in different weather conditions for indoor and outdoor extensive application areas.
Application areas
Street and highway lightings (heat-resistant solid type)
Lighted Signs
In the buildings; for ceiling lightening domes, balcony folding screens, wind breakers and sun blinds.
Store decorations, store indoor designs
Telephone cabins
Abajur ve avize yapımı
Indoor lightening
As wind breaker in automobile and yachts
Sales stands, sales stalls, brochure and leaf holder
ATM machine, automat and furniture sector
Special (Diffuser) plexies for LED applications
Thicknesses : 2 mm - 40 mm
Sizes : 350*2000 mm, 1000*3000 mm, 1500*3000 mm, 1500*2000 mm 1000*2000 mm. 2050*3050 mm etc.

Custom sizing is available upon request

Colors : White, transparent arrack and others as well as sira satin (one sided-double sided) phosphorescent BW (black white) and elite choices.
Mirrored Acrylic Sheet
1 - 1,5 - 2 ve 3 mm. kalınlıklar, 1525 mm - 2050 mm / 2050 mm - 3050 mm sizes, red, blue, green, orange, silver, gold colors...

ACRYLIC - visuals